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La tradizione Mandetta



First of all a family, the “team” Mandetta offers its own professionalism built with experience and perfected day by day thanks to an intense synergy between tradition and modernity represented by the interaction of the two generations: parents and children. Their glow permeates the whole structure, making it lightning of politeness and cordiality.



Name:  Enza          Surname: Mandetta         Job position: Chef

Particular signs:

She could be defined the queen of the kitchen. The devotion, the inspiration and a great passion of cooking are the main ingredients of her recipes. On the variety of typical products, many of them coming from the land worked by the same owners, Mrs Enza draws for her dishes, making the Hotel – Restaurant uniqye in its genre.




Name:  Pinuccio           Surname: Mandetta         Job Position: Chef &Fisherman

Particular signs:

Proud look wich lets you guess openings of a strong and determined personality. Father, husband, prudent and passionate fisherman. All along together with the sea, from the sea he has taken his strength. A life spent toghether with the sea takes you to the respect, a virtue that Mr Mandetta conveys at a first handshake.




Name:  Rita           Surname: Mandetta         Job Position: front – back Office 

Particular signs:

Officially mainstay of the hotel section, Rita Mandetta, graduated in literature and modern humanistic subjects, works scrupulously at the functioning, the promotion and the growing of the whole structure. Young but with a clear mind, Rita welcomes, helps and attends the client during his stayng with smile, professionalism and constancy.




Name:  Clotilde          Surname: Mandetta         Job position: Pasticcera

Particular sings:

From Monday to Friday a lawyer and refined confectioner in the week-ends. Clotide Mandetta works out an always new dessert at a new occasion. An "uncut" stuff but made of nifty quality because the trademarks of her hands grows out of creativity, genius, passion wich are always sealed by freshness and quality.





Name:  Angelo          Surname: Mandetta         Job position: Teacher

Particular signs:

As all the other members of the family staff, Angelo also contributes to the small and big realities of the structure. Teacher in an hotel – school, he shares his professional skills with te rest of the family in the free time.





Name:  Ivan          Surname: Mandetta         Job position: Sommelier

Particular signs:

The youngest of the family is the supervisor of the very granted cellar of the Hotel. Not only experience on the field but also in-depth examinations during many courses for sommelier make

Ivan a professional. In fact he can attend his clients meticulously in the selection of wines and let them to enjoy whole hog the different tastes wich run into each others on the table. He organizes the dining hall coherently with the dishes of daily menu and follows all the follows all the food making phases in the back-stage of the kitchen.

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